Just some of the thinking that goes into our workshops

Gooroo - creative communications training workshops

Many start-ups, and small and medium size companies, have to do all their marketing communications themselves but lack the professional know-how and training. Brighton Copy & Content’s sister company, Gooroo, runs creative communications training workshops at venues across Brighton. The workshops harvest the thinking of leading marketing experts and creative thinkers, extract their insights, and then package them into workshops that are informative, stimulating and practical.  

Creative Tactics & Techniques Workshop

Analyses and explains the creative tactics and techniques the big brands use and how they can be adapted and used by any business.

Persuasion Copywriting Workshop

Behavioural science meets direct response copywriting. Learn how to write copy that sells.

Brand & Brand Storytelling Workshop

Learn how to tell your brand or business story in a way that engages with your customers, builds trust and shares your values.   

Mobile Phone Video Workshop

Shows you how to make professional looking videos for websites and social media using you mobile phone, ipad or camcorder.

Charity Communications Workshop   

From advocacy to fundraising, this workshop is based on the pioneering work of Princeton Professor, Peter Singer, and author of the best-seller The Life You Can Save. Special reduced rate available for charities.