Eureka Creative Communications Workshops

Sales & Marketing Communications Training

Eureka Sales & Marketing Communications Training is our sister company that runs courses, webinars and workshops which are designed to make all your sales and marketing communications more effective by being more persuasive. They combine creative strategies and techniques with the behavioural science insights that influence decision making. They also work on the principle that what we're told we forget, but what we do we understand. Consequently, the training is designed to be "brains on", with practical exercises that show you how to apply the learning to your own sales and marketing communications both online and offline.

Behavioural science approach

We communicate in order to persuade. But where does persuasion actually happen? Does it happen on screen, on the page, or in the human mind?

All persuasion happens in the mind, so Eureka training shows you how to understand the human mindset when we react to sales and marketing messages, and is based on the 6 Yes Triggers of influence that affect human decision making. Together in-depth academic research, successful brand case histories and insights from well-known business leaders.

It's big thinking for small and medium size businesses.

Who the workshops are for

  • Small and medium size businesses
  • Charities and social enterprises 
  • Startups 
  • Consultants and freelancers 
  • Digital marketing agencies